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Shocking news from Hamas for Tel Aviv

Hamas has announced that they are ready to resist the enemy for a long time and 70% of the Zionist prisoners have been killed.

report Mehr News Agency, “Khalil Al-Hiya, head of Hamas’s Islamic and Arab relations office in a conversation with Al Manar Lebanon stated:

“After 8 months of invading Gaza, the enemy has failed to destroy the resistance despite all these crimes and help from America.” The resistance will be able to continue confronting the Zionist invaders and defending its nation for a long time and for months in a row.”

Al-Hiya added: “The Zionist enemy wants to release its prisoners by military force; But 70% of them were killed in the bombings. The fronts of Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq have made the cessation of their attacks dependent on the cessation of aggression against Gaza. When we meet with the resistance forces in the region, we emphasize that the battle is one and the negotiations is the same.”

The head of the Islamic and Arab relations office of Hamas also emphasized: “The battle that the enemy wants to prolong, everyone must be ready for a long time and our nation will not resist.” And the struggle has no other choice. Our goal in the negotiations is the complete cessation of aggression, the complete withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Gaza Strip, and an agreement to exchange prisoners after that. The recent plan that was proposed to us is very close to our demands, but the enemy did not respect the plan or the mediators. The Rafah crossing has become an Israeli military barracks and we want all the occupiers to leave the crossing and we will not accept any other exit.”

A few hours ago, “Amit Holvi” member of Knesset The Zionist regime admitted in a conversation with Channel 14 TV of this regime that all 24 Hamas battalions are still present in the Gaza Strip and not even one of them has been destroyed.

This Zionist official’s acknowledgment comes while the Qassam battalions during their latest operation from the target The placement of two more tanks of the occupying army with Yasin 105 anti-armor rockets in the east of the city of Jebalia in the north of the Gaza Strip.

These battalions also announced that they targeted the command and observation center of the invaders in the east of the city of Jabalya Mortar attacks and other operations with the participation of Quds Battalions have targeted the location of the Zionist Army’s artillery in the east of Jebalia.

Also, the spokesperson of the Zionist Army announced that 1st Lieutenant Ran Yabits, 39 years old, from the brigade forces span style=”text-align:justify”>Biselmakh was killed in an explosion in the peripheral area of ​​the Gaza Strip.

Previously the Zionist regime army also reported that 15 of its soldiers were injured in the battles on the two northern fronts of Palestine. In the last 24 hours, the occupation forces and the Gaza Strip had announced that 11 soldiers were wounded in different axes of the war in the Gaza Strip.

Also, in another joint operation between Qassam battalions and Quds companies, a tank Mirkawa was targeted by Yasin 105 anti-armor rocket and a number of Zionist infantry forces were killed or wounded after the conflict around this tank.

The Qassam battalions also have three tanks “>Mirkawa 4” in the east of the city of Jbaliya in the north of the Gaza Strip was also targeted by Yasin 105 anti-armor rockets.


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