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Kabul and Islamabad agreed on a ceasefire

Pakistani media reported that with the mediation of tribal elders, Taliban and Pakistani officials agreed on a ceasefire.
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According to the regional office of Tasnim News Agency, a Jirga composed of Tribal elders and officials of the Taliban and Pakistan agreed on a ceasefire after four days of fighting on the Paktia border. People from the villages and towns near the “Kharlachi” border crossing became widespread. Now with the establishment of a ceasefire, it is expected that this border crossing will be reopened soon. Kharlachi and was held with the presence of local elders, scholars and officials of both sides.

“Peace in the region”.

The Jirga also decided to resolve the disputed issues amicably. -container” style=”text-align:justify”>end of conflicts; Taliban and Pakistani officials sat down to negotiate

5 Afghan civilians were killed in Pakistan’s attacks on Paktia
Expansion of border conflicts between Afghanistan and Pakistan

Bangsh added that due to the problems faced by people on both sides of the border Faced with it, the Jirga participants agreed to implement the “spirit and text of the ceasefire” and therefore the border crossing will be opened without delay.

According to He said, the two sides also agreed to hold another meeting soon.

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