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Syrians have little hope for the Arab League meeting in Manama

The meeting of the heads of the Arab League was held in Manama with the presence of the President of Syria, while the people of this country do not have much hope for the Arab countries to help solve the economic and political problems of this country in the direction of entering the post-war era.
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According to the Arabic website Tasnim News Agency, the Syrian people are a little optimistic about holding the Arab League summit. They follow Manama. Political, economic, social issues and challenges facing the Arab societies were discussed in the Manama summit and the Syrians are aware that the key to the positive performance of the Arab countries towards Syria will not be realized in this summit.



Before After the Jeddah meeting (the meeting of Syria’s return to the Arab League), an Arab follow-up committee was to be formed away from the pressure of the West and America to play a positive role in Syria, but this committee has been suspended until today. p dir=”RTL”>”Hamdan Kosa”, a Syrian expert, told Tasnim news reporter in Damascus: After the meeting The Syrian people in Jeddah were very hopeful about the opening of the embassy, ​​visiting officials, etc., but this issue has not been realized until today due to various reasons that most of the people are aware of.

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before The 33rd meeting of Arab League leaders in Manama, knowledgeable sources informed Tasnim News Agency that the president of Syria will not speak at this meeting. Kurds and will focus on bilateral talks with their Arab counterparts. The subject of these talks is economic issues and the reconstruction of Syria after years of war. Regarding the reconstruction issues, he said: “It should be checked what has been achieved by holding this meeting and has it been effective in serving the Arab nations? This meeting has been for Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya and other countries that have been involved in political problems for years.” , economic and security, what has been achieved?

The participation of Syrian President Bashar Assad in the Manama Summit with the presence of some Arab countries supporting terrorists in Syria during the past 15 years It is in a situation where the Syrians are still demanding that Damascus adheres to supporting the cause of the Palestinian resistance, regardless of the pressures of some Arab and Western countries.

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