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The people of Gaza address the Arab leaders: give yourself a shake!

The catastrophic humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip and Rafah continues while the Arab world, especially the leaders of the influential and rich Arab countries, have not yet shown an important reaction in this case.
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According to the Arabic group Tasnim news agency, at the same time as the air and ground attacks of the Zionist regime intensified on the city Rafah, Palestinians living in this city are increasingly leaving the area. The residents of this city are forced to leave their homes and go to other places in search of a safe and peaceful place to live. In this context, IDPs face great challenges to provide housing and basic needs such as drinking water, food and sanitation.



“Mazen Abu Shaaban”, a Palestinian refugee from Khan Younis, in a conversation with Tasnim reporter in the Gaza Strip, explaining the details of his latest situation after being displaced, said: From the Ramal area, to Hai al-Darj, our house was bombed and destroyed. became. We had to go to my daughter’s house, we were there for about 24 days. Then we went to Khan Yunis and from there we came to Rafah. We have come here from Rafah. There is no food. If it is food, there is no money to buy food.

نوار غزه , فلسطین , رژیم صهیونیستی (اسرائیل) , طوفان الاقصی ,

Am Yezen, a displaced Palestinian woman who went to Rafah alone with her children without her husband, told Tasnim reporter:In the region We used to live in “Shabourah”, we were forced to evacuate it and came to Deir al-Balah. But I still could not find a place for myself and my children. Arab countries should shake themselves a little and think about us. The Palestinian people are all dying, give yourself a shake and come out; The Palestinian people are all dying!

نوار غزه , فلسطین , رژیم صهیونیستی (اسرائیل) , طوفان الاقصی ,

With the escalation of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the owners of commercial places in Rafah have also suffered destruction and looting due to the continuous attacks of the Israeli army.

endless displacement; The story of the seven times of the forced migration of the people of Gaza Zionist prisons

« Jihad Sha’at”; The owner of the “Center Karim” chain of stores, who lost all his capital and assets during the eight months of brutal attacks by the Zionist army on this strip, told Tasnim reporter: “My stores had branches all over Gaza, but now All my assets, my house and factory were destroyed and I became bankrupt and finally we were displaced along with 40 people from my family and my children.

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