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The hardship of 10 thousand Syrian students to obtain a valid degree

In addition to the political, economic and geopolitical effects, the civil war that was started by the Arab countries in Syria has had a negative impact on the simplest matters of people's lives. In this regard, Syrian students cannot hold their exams due to armed groups in the north.
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According to the Arabic website Tasnim News, nearly ten thousand Syrian students who live in controlled areas Armed militias are present in northeastern Syria, especially in Idlib and east of the Euphrates. Despite many hardships, they left the areas under the control of terrorist groups and went to the areas under the control of the Syrian government to participate in the final exams. This is while terrorist groups are hardly willing to issue such a license to Syrian students in the occupied areas, because they consider the departure of these students as a blow to the credibility of their administrative and educational system.

However, Syrian students, accepting many problems, because they are interested in continuing their education in the official education system of their country and not in the non-authentic education system under the management of armed groups in East Euphrates and Idlib, to participate in the final exams using They go by bus and travel tens of kilometers to the city of Aleppo.

On the opposite side, the Syrian government, in order to facilitate the affairs of these students, accommodates them in different centers in order to fulfill its commitment to provide educational services for All Syrian citizens should emphasize, even in the situation that armed groups have challenged the central government’s sovereignty in some areas. The coordinator of Aleppo guesthouses in a conversation with Tasnim reporter in Aleppo said: More than 9,543 elementary and secondary students will be accommodated in 45 guesthouses in different areas of Aleppo city in the final exams of this year. These centers are chosen so that the test centers are close to their accommodation centers.

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The consequences of the civil war in Syria, which some Arab countries launched; It is not limited only to political, economic and security issues, and the simplest things in the lives of ordinary Syrian people have been challenged as a result of this war. 

At present, the armed groups in Idlib and east of the Euphrates have formed an administrative and executive system of autonomy with the support of foreign parties, which is not approved by the Syrian people. But foreign actors try to continue the presence of these groups due to geopolitical goals to achieve their own goals. 

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