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Eyewitness accounts of the hellish night of Palestinian campers in Rafah

In its latest horrific crime, the Zionist army killed at least 72 women and children and injured hundreds of others by attacking the tents of Palestinian refugees in the west of Rafah.
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According to the Arabic website Tasnim News Agency, After a few days of the Zionist regime’s crime in Rafah, only blackness and regret from this barbaric act remain. Despite the international pressure and the inflammation of the world’s public opinion, the occupation regime’s attacks on the refugees’ tents in the west of Rafah city have continued for the past three days.


In this crime, at least 72 Palestinian refugees, most of whom were children and women, were martyred.

“Sabri Lafi”; An old Palestinian man and one of the eyewitnesses of the fire in the tents of the Palestinian refugees in the west of Rafah told Tasnim reporter in Gaza: I was reading the Quran and preparing for Isha prayer when suddenly there was an explosion and I saw the fire spreading up to two meters. I tried to go out of the door, but I saw that the door would not open, because the roof of our neighbor’s kennel had fallen in front of our kennel door. I have seen many wars in my lifetime, but I do not remember such a cruel and brutal war.

شهر رفح , نوار غزه , فلسطین , طوفان الاقصی , رژیم صهیونیستی (اسرائیل) ,

Amani Qadih; A Palestinian teenage girl and one of the other eyewitnesses of this crime also told Tasnim reporter: I woke up with the sound of an explosion. The fire was burning and people were screaming. 11 fire engines came to put out the fire, but failed. The number of martyrs reached 50 people. One had his leg amputated, one had lost his hand. One of the women’s face was completely destroyed.

شهر رفح , نوار غزه , فلسطین , طوفان الاقصی , رژیم صهیونیستی (اسرائیل) ,

The people of Gaza address the Arab leaders: give yourself a shake!

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Until now, people thought that West Rafah is a safe area far from the field and the scene of military operations of the Zionist regime. This is while this regime had declared this area as a safe area, but it quickly turned into a hell and a swamp of innocent blood, which caused the survivors of this massacre to hope to find another safe area in the west of Rafah. move.

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