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Schultz’s attempt to address concerns about the expansion of the war in Ukraine

In his speech, the Prime Minister of Germany tried to show himself as a leader committed to guaranteeing peace and security for the citizens and to resolve the concerns of the Germans about the consequences of the government agreeing to the plan to use western weapons in Ukraine against Russia.

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According to the report of Tasnim International News Group, citing “Wirthschaftswohe” newspaper, Germany along with its partners has allowed Ukraine to use Western weapons against targets on Russian soil. Now, Olaf Schultz, the chancellor of Germany, has given explanations about this and what is his absolute priority.

Schultz has assured the citizens that in order to make sure that Germany enters Russia’s war against Ukraine will not happen – especially after Ukraine received the permission to use German weapons on Russian soil – he will take all necessary measures.

We have coordinated with our allies on how to respond to this issue.

It is right to coordinate closely with our partners and allies again and again before making such sweeping decisions, Schultz added. Citizens can trust us to act with caution and carefully weigh all risks. He emphasized: “As the chancellor, who is committed to the peace and security of Germany, I emphasize this issue.

Schultz explained that Russia has opened a new front against the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv near the border with Russia. He added: Together with our partners, we reaffirmed that Ukraine has the right to defend itself against attacks on its territory, cities and citizens according to international law. That is why Ukraine can also use the weapons provided by us and our allies – always in accordance with international legal obligations.

The German chancellor also emphasized that he, as chancellor, is responsible for ensuring this. that no child born in Germany today will ever have to experience war in his country. Schultz assured that this is an absolute priority for him.

Many German citizens are concerned that the war in Ukraine may escalate and security and peace in Germany are also at risk. Schultz added: “There is nothing naive or short-sighted about peace concerns as it is sometimes portrayed.

This comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to invade Russian soil with weapons. If the West is attacked by Ukraine, there will be an “asymmetric response” from Russia.

Recently, many Western countries have given Kiev the green light to use the weapons they sent to attack Russian territory.

Kiev has been trying for a long time to be allowed to fire western weapons on Russian soil so that it can directly attack Russian facilities across the border.

Also NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg Recently, it has been trying almost every day to lift the existing restrictions on attacks in Ukraine, at least to some extent. French President Emmanuel Macron also announced in a television interview that the Ukrainian armed forces will be allowed to use French missiles. attack deep into Russian soil. He allowed such attacks, but noted that the targets could only be points from which Russian missiles would be launched into Ukraine.

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