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The dispute between NATO and Germany over the name of the new Ukrainian project

A German media reported that the differences between Berlin and other members of the NATO military alliance over the planned name for a new project to support Ukraine have escalated.

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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, the German newspaper “Hamburger Abendblatt” wrote in an article : A new support project for Ukraine is going to be launched at the NATO summit in Washington. However, the German federal government does not want to accept the planned name for this project, and this issue has made Berlin’s allies in this military alliance extremely nervous and upset. Its own approach has caused dissatisfaction in the NATO military alliance because it does not want to see a new support project for Ukraine described as a mission.

The German news agency quoted NATO diplomats as saying that Berlin’s arguments against using the word It is considered by almost all other allies as an unnecessary and incomprehensible consideration for Russia.

Therefore, the German Federal Government takes the position that the name “NATO Mission Ukraine” (NMU) can be wrongly interpreted as It means that this coalition wants to send its soldiers to Ukraine. Accordingly, the German federal government is concerned that Russia could use this project for propaganda against the coalition. On the other hand, supporters of the use of the word mission argue that the Kremlin will use this NATO project in any way. It somehow condemns it as rape and uses it for disinformation campaigns. According to them, it is incomprehensible that Germany is the only country that went to the trenches and took a stand against this name, especially since it says that it is completely behind this project in terms of content.

According to According to the German news agency, Berlin has recently proposed that the new Ukrainian project be called “PACT”. According to Berlin, this term then means “coordination and training assistance to the commitment” and as a result they state that NATO wants to coordinate military assistance and training activities for the armed forces of Ukraine in the future. However, due to the tough stance of other countries, the name is unlikely to be agreed upon. A decision in this regard is possible only with the consent of the parties.

The German Foreign Ministry did not want to comment on these disputes in response to the question of the German news agency. A spokesman for the ministry only said that no information about the content of the secret negotiations was provided.

The start of this new project to support Ukraine should be initiated at the next meeting of this military alliance by German Chancellor Olaf Schultz and other heads of state. NATO should be decided in Washington. The main concern in this meeting is the transfer of the tasks of supporting Ukraine to this coalition, which was previously carried out by the United States. The reason for this is the scenario of the possible return of “Donald Trump” to the presidency of the United States from January 2025. The statements of this Republican candidate of the United States of America in the past have raised doubts about whether the United States will continue to support Ukraine under the leadership of this coalition. In addition, Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary General of NATO, wants allies to force him to guarantee military aid to Ukraine worth at least 40 billion euros a year.

Stoltenberg explained at a meeting with foreign ministers of the 32 NATO countries in Prague last week that this is also to show that that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not win his war against Ukraine. This amount of 40 billion euros roughly corresponds to the annual support of the Allies since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

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