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The emphasis of the Yemeni people on confronting the American and British conspiracies

The people of Yemen today, like last Fridays, in a large demonstration, emphasized their firm support for the operations of the armed forces against the Zionist regime and confronting the American and British conspiracies.

– International news

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, the massive demonstrations of the Yemeni people in support of the oppressed people Gaza and the operations of this country’s armed forces against the Zionist regime and its American and British supporters were held in different regions.

In the final statement of this demonstration, it is stated: To the regional and internal mercenaries of the enemy about joining hostile plans. We warn the enemies against our people, country and economy.

We emphasize the stability of the step in facing the conspiracies and pressures that the American and British enemies exert against our people.

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