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Putin: BRICS seeks to conduct financial exchanges independent of the West

The President of Russia announced the country's readiness to cooperate with other countries in the field of technological issues and said that the BRICS group seeks to develop its infrastructure for monetary exchanges independent of the West. 

report Mehr News Agency quoted by Sputnik news website, Russian President Vladimir Putin in a statement at the general meeting of the International Economic Conference In St. Petersburg, he said that the real competition between the countries of the world is followed to strengthen their integrity, and there are governments that are trying hard to maintain their guardianship over the world.

Putin noted that Russia has shown a high readiness to converge with technological developments and to operate in the financial and service sectors. This country is ready for extensive cooperation with other countries in the field of technological issues.

The President of Russia said that despite the illegitimate and illegal sanctions, this country is one of the main players in the world trade arena, although currently it accounts for three quarters of Russia’s trade It is done with friendly and brotherly countries.


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