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Israel was officially declared a “child-killing regime”.  

A Zionist network reported that the Secretary General of the United Nations has blacklisted Tel Aviv as a child-killing regime. 

report Mehr News Agency, the Zionist TV channel 13 announced that the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, informed the Tel Aviv delegation in this organization that Israel has put it on the UN blacklist of child-killing regimes.

Before this, the Zionist circles, by announcing the possibility of this happening, sought to decide on an action that would be taken in They have to react to it. Channel 13 of the Zionist regime announced a while ago that based on the evaluations carried out within the Internal Security Council and the Israeli army, the United Nations will probably for the first time introduce the Israeli army as an organization that persecutes and kills children.

The network adds that the impending announcement is causing deep concern among Israeli officials, as it The process is part of the set of international resolutions against Israel, which can have serious consequences in some cases, including the sale of weapons to the Zionist regime.

On May 24, the Hague International Court issued arrest warrants for a number of leaders of the Zionist regime, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and The Secretary of War has issued Yoaf Gallant. Before this, some international circles, including the Human Rights Watch organization, had criticized the Zionist regime and demanded that this regime be added to the list of shame of the United Nations.

The Zionist army has killed more than 15 thousand Palestinian children in its brutal attack on Gaza. which constitute about 40% of the total number of Palestinian martyrs. According to official statistics, after 8 months of the Gaza war, more than 36 thousand Palestinians have been martyred and 86 thousand others have been injured, and about 70% of Gaza’s civilian infrastructure, including schools, residential houses, and hospitals, have been destroyed.


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