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Newsweek: Israel is defeated by Hezbollah within 24 hours

The American magazine Newsweek considered the possible large-scale war between Tel Aviv and Lebanon's Hezbollah to be a much bigger disaster than the Gaza war and wrote that Israel would probably lose this war within 24 hours. 

report Mehr Newsweek, the prestigious American magazine Newsweek, in a report, analyzed a possible wide-scale war between the Zionist regime and Lebanon’s Hezbollah, and wrote that this war would probably result in a much bigger disaster than the Gaza war.

This American magazine, quoting “Eiran Atsiyon”, the former deputy head of the Zionist regime’s internal security council, wrote that Tel Aviv would defeat Lebanon’s Hezbollah within 24 hours in the event of a large-scale war. will eat.

Etsion adds that failure in this war will lead to widespread destruction of very sensitive areas inside Israel, which we have not seen before.

Al-Mayadeen also quoted the Zionist media and wrote that after 8 months of war, the Israelis are still displaced in the north and south and have not released their prisoners and Yahya They haven’t destroyed Sanwar either.

These media add that Tel Aviv has faced many problems in terms of international legitimacy. Israelis are currently living in the Stone Age, because Hezbollah destroys the infrastructure and all warning systems of the Zionist regime on a daily basis.

Zionist media, referring to the statement of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, which announced that it had destroyed the “Tel Shammayim” system in the Naftali military barracks, emphasized that Hezbollah has almost all It has destroyed the surveillance systems related to border security.

According to this report, Hezbollah has destroyed at least 4 Iron Dome missile defense systems of the Zionist regime. Hezbollah has also announced that it has targeted the Oren Yarok air surveillance system, which caused disruptions in the warning siren system in the north of the occupied territories.

Channel 12 TV of the Zionist regime also described the situation on the northern front as a problem for Israel, which is the same as the problem of Israeli prisoners. These media announced that the lives of the northern settlers are not as important as a millet to Netanyahu and his team, and the command of the internal front is hiding everything from the people.


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