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Axios reported about the possible resignation of Benny Gantz

One of the ministers of the war cabinet of the Zionist regime told the American statesmen that he will resign from Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition cabinet.

reported by Bani Gantz, the Minister of the Israel War Council announced who will participate in a press conference tomorrow, Saturday. He is expected to announce his resignation from Netanyahu’s cabinet.

Al Jazeera news network Friday night, citing Axios, reported that Benny Gantz, Israel’s Minister of War announced that on Saturday in a press conference probably on the side Giri will announce his removal from the cabinet of this regime.

In this regard, the news website “Axios” reported that Benny Gantz, a member of the Zionist regime’s cabinet, informed the American officials during a conversation this week that he will probably leave Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition cabinet this Saturday. span style=”text-align:justify”>will take.

The American authorities have informed Gantz that they will not intervene in the internal political conflicts of this regime.

According to political observers of the Zionist regime, Gantz’s side Giri from the cabinet, despite the presence of radical ministers like Ben Goyer and style=”text-align:justify”>Smotrich, Netanyahu’s cabinet against Gaza Strip, West Bank and Lebanon will adopt an aggressive approach and a more aggressive war policy. did.


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