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Macron forms a “coalition” to send troops to Ukraine!

Speaking about the formation of a military alliance to train Ukrainian soldiers in this country for the purpose of war with Russia, the French president went beyond sending troops to Kiev!

report Mehr News Agency quoted by Rashatoudi, French President Emmanuel Macron, who had not rejected the option of sending troops from France to Ukraine on several occasions, recently pointed to the formation of a coalition of Military instructors have gone above and beyond to train Ukrainian soldiers on Ukrainian soil to fight against Russian forces!

Macron has said about this: We want to form a coalition with the aim of productivity, and some of our partners have already announced their agreement. Over the next few days, we will finalize the formation of the largest possible coalition capable of responding to Ukraine’s needs.

Macron has not announced the countries involved in this coalition. According to him, sending a military science expert to Ukraine to train the country’s soldiers will not bring Russia’s reaction!

He continued about this issue: We are not at war with Russia. We are not looking for escalation of tension, but our goal is to help Ukraine to resist with everything we can.

The president of Ukraine claimed: If we mobilize and train its soldiers on its own soil at the request of Ukraine, have we escalated the tension? No, this does not mean sending people (both European and coalition forces) to the front line.

Macron’s statements and claims were made after the meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Paris. He announced last Thursday that Paris will send the Mirage 2000 fighter to Kiev and train Ukrainian pilots. It is said that Ukrainian pilots will be ready to fly these fighters by the end of the year.

French forces have trained about 10,000 Ukrainian forces in France and other NATO countries. Lithuania and Estonia have also publicly announced their desire to send military instructors to Ukraine. Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kalas said last month that NATO instructors are already active in the war-torn country of Ukraine.

Russian authorities have warned that any type of foreign military forces in Ukraine will be legitimate targets for Russian forces, and the type of tasks assigned or the location of their deployment makes no difference in this. It will not create an issue.


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