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The trap that America and Israel have laid for Hezbollah

An analyst of the region's strategic issues examined the trap that America and the Zionist regime have placed in the path of Lebanon's Hezbollah

report Mehr News, Amin Hatit, retired Brigadier General of the Lebanese Army and an expert on strategic issues, in an interview with the Lebanese news site Al-Nashrah, emphasized that Lebanon’s Hezbollah has decided to increase its powerful presence in the support front of the Gaza war. He should maintain that this strategy requires a transition from one stage to a higher stage so that the process of Hezbollah’s military operations in the northern front does not become normal and Israel feels more and more worried every day.

Hatit, pointing out that Hezbollah is following this strategy well, emphasized that this does not mean that the situation is out of Hezbollah’s hands and that this party In all its operations, it focuses on various military targets and does not pursue these attacks to a depth of more than 10 kilometers from the borders. Therefore, Hezbollah follows the policy of maximum pressure, without being drawn towards an all-out war.

This senior Lebanese analyst stated that Tel Aviv’s interest is to push the Lebanese front towards an all-out war so that it can bring America into this arena, but it cannot He has the initiative to enter this war, so he wants to provoke Hezbollah to take special measures. For this reason, it sometimes targets Lebanese citizens and claims that it has targeted militias.

Hatit, in response to a question about the probability of an all-out war on the Lebanese front, emphasized that in every military conflict there are two situations, the first situation is under control and the second case is the occurrence of operational and calculation errors. It seems that both sides are avoiding operational mistakes in the current situation.


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