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Recruitment ads for the Zionist Army on WhatsApp

Referring to the spread of the disaster in the south and north of Tel Aviv, the Zionist media clarified that the crisis of lack of personnel in the army has caused advertisements for recruitment on WhatsApp to be included in the army's agenda.

report Mehr News Agency, according to Al-Mayadeen news site, the media of the Zionist regime is spreading criticism of the Israeli army in the shadow of the continuing war in the Gaza Strip and its inability to face the Lebanese Hezbollah in the north and the rockets fired from The Yemeni and Iraqi sides reported and wrote that it seems that the Israeli army does not want to learn from the failures of October 7.

These media emphasized that the structural culture of the Israeli army is associated with disruption and the transfer of information to the Israelis is not followed in a transparent manner. In addition to the fact that the activities of the army in the north and south of the occupied territories are followed without any political horizon.

The aforementioned report described the behavior of the army as controversial and chaotic and emphasized that this type of behavior can also be observed in the Israeli reserve army. The soldiers and commanders of the army behave as they want, and the investigations carried out regarding the dangerous incidents are completely superficial, and in many cases, the scandals related to the army in Gaza and other areas are not reported.

Israeli media emphasize that the Israeli army does not tell the truth to the Zionist community, and for this reason recruitment in the Israeli army has faced a major problem, to the extent that some Internal groups of the army reserve forces advertise in the WhatsApp media space to recruit soldiers in the army so that they can compensate for the problem of lack of forces.

These media emphasize that the progress of the conflict in Gaza is hopeless and there is no expectation of absolute victory in Rafah and the feeling of Israelis is that everything has fallen apart. .

This report also pointed to the conditions in the north of the occupied territories and stated that the situation in the northern front is not better than this, but much worse.

These media, in further explaining the situation on the northern front, add that the Israeli army has no solution for Hezbollah drones flying at low altitude. Meanwhile, an attack on Lebanon can also create a disaster for Israel.


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