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Predicting the collapse of Israel in 2029 / Joe Biden’s latest gaffe

A Zionist executive predicted that Israel will collapse in 2029.

report Mehr News Agency, in the investigation of the political and military developments in the region, we come across significant points that we try to publish the most interesting ones in this report every day. do.

1. Haim Levinson, an anchor working in the Zionist media, predicted that Israel It will collapse in 2029 and the sovereignty of Palestine will be transferred to the Arabs once again.

2. The Saudi Arabian network in a report written by Abdullah bin Bajad al-Otaibi from Arab and Western countries asked to cooperate with the self-governing organizations to destroy the Hamas movement!

3. One of the Zionist soldiers present in the Gaza war, pointing to the location Above Al-Aqsa Mosque among the people of Gaza, he said that during the raid on the houses of Palestinians in Gaza, he noticed that there are pictures of Al-Aqsa Mosque in all the houses in Gaza.

پیش‌بینی فروپاشی اسرائیل در سال ۲۰۲۹/ جدیدترین گاف جو بایدن

4. Iraqi Paralympic swimmer Mohammad Alaa Ashour expressing solidarity with the people of Gaza. He refused to participate in the final round of the world championships and face the Zionist athlete.

5. A clothing design company in Turkey in declaring solidarity with the Palestinian people In Gaza, he produced blood-colored clothing or the color of the Palestinian flag.

6. A Jewish doctor in America interrupted the speech of Vice President Kamala Harris The president of this country demanded to stop sending weapons to Israel.

7.While the protests against the crimes of the Zionist regime, in many European universities and political and parliamentary circles and the streets of the world have become infected, Saudi Arabia’s Hajj authorities have banned these protests and claimed that Hajj is only for worship and political activities have no place there!

پیش‌بینی فروپاشی اسرائیل در سال ۲۰۲۹/ جدیدترین گاف جو بایدن

8.. George Clooney, a famous American actor, in contact with a consultant US President Joe Biden criticized his statements in opposition to the judgment of the Hague Tribunal condemning the Israelis.

پیش‌بینی فروپاشی اسرائیل در سال ۲۰۲۹/ جدیدترین گاف جو بایدن

9. Joe Biden’s attempt at a ceremony in France to sit on a The chair, which had no external presence, once again provoked the ridicule of the international media.

10. Network 12 of the Zionist regime, referring to the widespread disruption in the activities of The Israeli army announced that an Israeli tank ran over and destroyed the vehicles of the army reserve forces in the Karam Abu Salem area.


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