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The Zionist army claimed the release of 4 prisoners in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli army claimed to have released four prisoners of this regime.

report Mehr News Agency, citing Al-Yum Al-Sabi, the Zionist regime army claimed to have captured 4 Israeli prisoners in the center of the camp style=”text-align:justify”>Al-Nusirat has released in the Gaza Strip.

The spokesperson of the Zionist army emphasized that these 4 captives are typically Argamani 25 years old, Al-Moa Meir 21 years old, Andriy Kozulov 27 years old and Shlomi Zi and 40 years old.

Daniel Hagari declared the health condition of these 4 captives good and told them to go to the hospital

span style=”text-align:justify”>tel numbers have been transferred.


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