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The horrible crime of “Al-Nusirat” was carried out at the same time as America’s deceitful plan

The Political Office of Yemen's Ansarullah Movement reacted by issuing a statement to the horrific crime committed by the Zionist regime in the "Al-Nusirat" camp in the Gaza Strip.

report Mehr News Agency, citing al-Masira, the political office of Yemen’s Ansarullah movement issued a statement and announced: “We have committed a new crime against the Zionist enemy in Al-Nusirat camp. /span> located in the center of the Gaza Strip, which led to the martyrdom of 80 people and the wounding of dozens of others.

Yemen’s Ansarullah emphasized: The Zionists’ crime against civilians was committed hours after the United Nations announced that the enemy regime was put on the special list of child killers.

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This statement is followed by: The crime of Al-Nusirat Emphasis on the fact that the Zionist regime is just an insurgent criminal gang that has nothing to do with human rights or international laws.

Political office of Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement stated: This horrible crime was carried out at the same time as America’s deceitful plan to give the enemy an opportunity to commit crimes with the clear support of America. Insisting on killing and brutality cannot prevent the actions of the Palestinian resistance or lead it to bargaining and shortcoming the legitimate rights of the Palestinians.

This statement continues: This increase in tension takes place while most of the Arab and Islamic governments to Obedience, submission and humiliation continues.

Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement announced: Free nations must continue their support and solidarity with the Palestinian nation until the aggression on Gaza stops and the siege of this strip and its residents is broken. .


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