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What is going on in the terrible torture center of Israel? / From electric shock to oblivion

In a documentary report, an American media published horrifying information about the brutal torture of the Israeli army against Palestinians kidnapped from Gaza and announced that dozens of them died under torture.

report Mehr News Agency, according to Al Jazeera, while since the beginning of the Gaza war, there have been numerous reports about the brutal torture of the Zionist forces against the Palestinians by The Israeli army has been kidnapped from Gaza, it has been published, the New York Times reported in a report about the types of torture and aggression that the Zionist army uses against the kidnapped Palestinians inside a military base in the south of occupied Palestine.

New York Times reporter Patrick Kingsley, who conducted research for this purpose, reported: Army At the end of May, Israel allowed him to visit a detention center in the “Sadi Timan” military base in the south of Israel (Occupied Palestine) for a short period of time.

The brutal torture of the Israeli army against Palestinian detainees

This American journalist who has conducted interviews with soldiers and commanders of the Zionist regime on the condition that their identities remain hidden. said: The Timan barrier was a secret military barracks that has become a detention center for Palestinians living in Gaza; where many reports have been published about the mistreatment of these Palestinian civilians by the Israeli army.

According to this report, Palestinian detainees from the Gaza Strip in interviews about beatings and violation of their rights They spoke in this detention center by the Zionist army.

The author of this report emphasized: I saw men sitting in rows, while handcuffs They were holding hands and their eyes were closed, and Israeli soldiers were looking at them from behind the fences. Prison guards prevented these detainees from speaking loudly, standing or sleeping; Except in cases where they themselves allowed them. This is part of the scenes I saw inside the Sedi Timan military barracks; where about 4,000 civilians detained from Gaza are being held and have been held there for nearly three months, including dozens who were detained on the day of the October 7 operation.

According to the commanders of this military base, 70% of Palestinian detainees are sent to prisons after completing their interrogation procedures. They were transferred to be further investigated and tried, and 1,200 of them, about 30%, were returned to Gaza.

“Mohammed Al-Kurdi” is a 38-year-old Palestinian driver from Gaza who was arrested in the end of 2023 in Sadi Timan Barracks . He says that he was in this detention center for 32 days and his relatives did not know if he was alive or dead.

The report that the New York Times newspaper published about this terrible detention center of the Zionist regime, after three months and based on An interview prepared with former Palestinian detainees, Israeli army officers, doctors and Israeli soldiers who worked at Sadi Timan base.

In this report, it is emphasized that the Palestinian civilians who are in Sedi Timan Detention Center for up to 75 days in the worst and most humiliating conditions. They live in conditions, while they don’t even have the right to protest. They are also denied access to lawyers for up to 90 days, and even human rights organizations and the International Committee of the Red Cross cannot find information about their fate.

torture with electric shock

In an interview with the New York Times reporter, 8 Palestinians who were in this Israeli detention center said that the Israeli soldiers During their detention, they were severely beaten with batons, gun butts, and hard metal objects. 7 of them said that they were completely naked during the interrogation. Three of these Palestinian civilians also said that the Israeli army tortured them with electric shocks. The ribs of two of these people were also broken.

On the other hand, officials of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) interviewed hundreds Tons of Palestinian civilians who were abducted by the Israeli army from the Gaza Strip, concluded that the Israeli military is committing all kinds of inhumane torture against these civilians.

The New York Times quoted an Israeli soldier who works at this Israeli military base, stating that Israeli soldiers are regularly beating Palestinians in this detention center and are proud of their work.

This Zionist soldier, who was interviewed by the New York Times reporter on the condition that his identity remain hidden, said: one of these Detainees suffered broken bones during detention, and I saw another one bleeding from his chest. Also, another detainee died in Sedi Timan base due to chest injuries.

According to the base’s officers, who were interviewed by the New York Times, of the 4,000 detainees in Sadi Timan since October 7 35 of them died due to severe injuries caused by torture.

Military barracks or torture camp?

During recent weeks, the dreaded Sedi Timan base of the Zionist army has attracted the attention of the media. Among other things, CNN published a report about it, which was confirmed by the White House.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army claimed in its long statement sent to the New York Times that ” The Israeli army’s systematic mistreatment of Palestinian civilian detainees from the Gaza Strip is not true, and the reports published in this regard are false and completely baseless.”

The New York Times quoted Fadi Bakr, a 25-year-old law student in Gaza City, as saying that the military The Israelis arrested him on January 5 while his family was surrounded by the Israeli army.

This young Palestinian said that the Israeli soldiers took all his belongings and mobile phone while arresting him and took him to They beat him to the point of death.

Press reports show that during its previous wars with Hamas, the Zionist regime intermittently used the Sedi Timan military base. It has been used as the headquarters of the Israeli army to detain Palestinians. This base was a command center and warehouse of military vehicles of the Israeli army, which, due to its proximity to Gaza, has become a place to detain Palestinians living in this area.

Younes al-Hamlawi, a 39-year-old Palestinian nurse, said in a conversation with a New York Times reporter that in November He was arrested during the Israeli army’s attack on al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, and the Israeli soldiers accused him of having links with Hamas.

Younes Al-Hamlawi says that the Israeli soldiers forced him to sit on an electric chair and gave him an electric shock. was placed.

The author of this report also pointed to the horrific sexual assaults by Zionist soldiers against Palestinian detainees and declared: these tortures It has many terrible effects on the body and mind of Palestinian detainees, and some of them have died under torture.


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