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Blinken: Biden’s peace plan benefits the Palestinians and Israel

The US Secretary of State called Biden's proposed peace plan suitable for both sides of the Gaza conflict.

to the report Mehr news agency Blinken, the US Secretary of State once again emphasized the benefits of accepting Biden‘s peace plan to establish a ceasefire in Gaza.
Accordingly, Blinken, who is about to travel to the Middle East, added: Eight days ago, Biden‘s call to end the conflict in Gaza is suitable for both the Palestinians and will lead to the release of the remaining Israeli prisoners held by Hamas.

The US foreign minister further expressed his satisfaction with yesterday’s operation of the Zionist regime army in Gaza and the release of 4 prisoners of this regime and stated: America until all the prisoners of Israel If they are not released from Hamas prison and do not return home, they will not have peace of mind.

He emphasized: This is why we insist on the ceasefire. The ceasefire can lead to the release of all Israeli prisoners, the increase of humanitarian aid to Gaza, the reconstruction of this barrier, and the establishment of a lasting peace in this region.

Anthony Blinken without mentioning stoning

Peace plan Biden is almost the same peace plan that Egypt proposed earlier and Hamas previously He had agreed to the ground operation of the Zionist regime in Rafah. However, the Zionist authorities rejected this peace plan and announced that the operation in Gaza will not end until Hamas is destroyed.


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