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Clash between 2 tribes in Somalia/ 55 people were killed and 155 were injured

Local residents and medical officials in Somalia report that 210 people were killed and injured as a result of the conflict between 2 tribes in the center of this country.

reported by Mehr News Agency According to Reuters news agency, residents and medical officials of Somalia announced on Monday that a large number of people were killed and injured due to a violent conflict between two tribes in the center of Somalia.

According to this media, at least 55 people were killed and 155 were injured in this conflict.

According to Reuters, the Somali government is not only trying to contain the violence caused by the Al-Shabaab terrorist group, but also with tribal conflicts over land and water control in the Horn of Africa. Africa is also facing.

Farah Noor, one of the elders of the tribes, said in this regard that the conflict between the Deir and Merihan clans started in the settlements of Abu Duq and Harale over pastures and water points.


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