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France’s dual approach in arresting “Bashir Beyazar”

The Deputy Director of Development and Support Management of Advertising Organization stated that the arrest of "Bashir Beizar" for supporting Palestine showed France's double standards and said: "Paris cannot tolerate a few posts and stories."

Mehr News, Intergroup The International: Not long ago, “Bashir Beyazar”, the former director of the music and hymn office of the Radio and Television Organization, was summoned by the French police for protesting the crimes of the Zionist regime in killing the oppressed and defenseless Palestinian people. arrested. Kazem Gharibabadi, the deputy of international affairs of the Judiciary and the secretary of the human rights headquarters, published a message in the cyberspace regarding the latest situation of Bashir Beizar and wrote: “Instead of executing justice, the French court wants Bashir Beizar against his human rights gesture and by denying the right to freedom of expression. and expressed his opinion that he should be deported and has kept him in custody for now. Efforts are being made for the immediate release and pursuit of the rights of this Iranian citizen”.

Gharibabadi had already reacted to the arrest of this Iranian citizen who was arrested by the French police for supporting the oppressed Palestinian people in France and published a post in cyberspace. “The arrest of an Iranian citizen by the French police for defending the oppressed Palestinian people is another scandal for France in the field of human rights.” In this regard, Mehr News Agency conducted an interview with “Mohammed Mehdi Naraghian”, the vice president of development and support management of the organization. Advertisements and the former head of the Center for Music and Anthems of the Radio and Television have made the details of which you are reading:

As you know, Mr. Bashir Beizar has been arrested in France. We know him as a journalist and cultural figure. In the current situation, what has the French government stated as the reason for the arrest?

Our colleagues in France have read the text of the indictment of Bayazah, all the charges against him are related to his posts and stories on Instagram during his stay in France; Bay Azar is facing charges such as activities in cyberspace in non-French language. Also, his posts are said to disturb the security of France.

Does it mean that his activity on social networks in Farsi is considered a crime?

Yes exactly. According to the surveys conducted, not a single French person follows him in cyberspace, no French citizen has liked or left a comment. None of his posts are related to France. In other words, the contents published by him are not related to the internal developments of France and the national security of this country.

Has he been deported?

Apparently yes; Of course, there is not much information about the details of the court. Apparently, the preliminary sentence of deportation has been issued. A petition to leave the prison without harassment has been submitted through the legal process of deportation, but this petition has been rejected by the court and even the appeals court has rejected this request. Bayazar was also transferred to a prison in a city 4 hours away from France. This prison is only for those who have smuggled into France and are deportees, and this prison has a very inappropriate and unhealthy environment; That is, its space is not the space of the official prisons of France and the place where the defendants are kept. Bashir Biazar is a well-known individual in the field of culture and media and has international activities.

Almost all the time of his activity, he has been in the non-governmental space and non-governmental organizations (NGO) space. He was the general director of production at Sedav and Sima Music Center only between 1998 and 1401; In fact, this is the only governmental or quasi-governmental responsibility. In other words, he did specialized work in his specialized field. This kind of content that he puts on his page today is not yesterday’s and today’s content, he has had this kind of content on different platforms and social networks almost all the years of his activity. Whether in the field of music, documentary, or with the television programs he has collaborated with, Bayazar has always focused on the cultural issues of the world and the Islamic world, related to Palestine, etc.

It is not without reason that we say today that the action of the French government is nothing more than an excuse, and even these decisions are influenced by the pressures of the opposition of the Islamic Republic of Iran. All the transparent and clear and harmless cultural activities in recent years have been the excuse of the French government to arrest him.

He has been living in France for almost three years and these events are not related to today or after the Al-Aqsa storm operation. Bayazar has always produced this type of content. During the Women’s Rebellion, Life, Freedom, in foreign networks sought to induce an atmosphere where, for example, the Islamic Republic’s representative offices and embassies were attacked. One day he was shopping when he saw the news of the attack on the Iranian embassy. Because he was near that place, he goes in front of the embassy building. The International reporter was filming there. He also takes a video from the same scene and publishes it on his page. This post gets a lot of feedback and that whole project goes to sleep.

In other words, as a media activist with a curious, active and dynamic mind, he defeated the opposition’s project by appearing in front of the embassy and broadcasting a few seconds of film. It is known that those who are affected by this space are seeking to prevent its activities in Europe. Because Bezaar is also a prominent media personality in Europe.

رویکرد دوگانه فرانسه در بازداشت «بشیر بی‌آزار»

Ali Bagheri, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country, in a phone call with Mohammad Aminnejad, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran In Paris, the latest status of Mr. Bashir Be Azar, an Iranian citizen arrested by the French police, was followed up. Now, where have our government’s pursuits reached and what have they done?

From the day this happened, even though it was during the holidays, all capacities were used, especially through his friends. At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was informed; The Iranian embassy and our institutions in France followed up on this issue. His family also got a lawyer for him, these follow-ups were done from the very first days. What I know about the follow-up of the diplomatic system of our country, the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran are looking for this process to be accelerated. If the deportation order is final, they should hand him over to Iran as soon as possible. Because apparently, legally, the French government has the possibility to keep Mr. Bayazar in their country for a long time and until the legal procedures of deportation go through.

Yes, in the same prison; His release from prison has been opposed on bail. Now, the follow-up on this issue has reached the point that if the deportation order is final, action will be taken as soon as possible and he will be handed over to Iran.

To my first question. You said that the French government’s argument for arresting him is because of his activities on social networks. His recent activities were naturally about Palestine. A country that claims to be the cradle of democracy shows such a reaction to supporting the Palestinian people. Isn’t this action contradictory to the claim of democracy in Europe?

Yes; Now, after the Al-Aqsa storm, there have been protests in all European and American countries against Israel and in support of the Palestinian people. It is the same in France. This situation has put pressure on the government of this country. Naturally, because that government cannot deal with its citizens very seriously, it punishes the citizen of another country who legally resides there.

Can we say there was a double collision?

It is definitely dual; This seems obvious. There is this duality in supporting the Palestinian people, which means that the French government is against the people’s wishes regarding Palestine. A country that claims freedom of expression does not even tolerate a few posts and stories on a virtual page in another language and takes such a serious approach.

It is interesting that the friends who are in France and have seen the text of Kefir Hashad believe that there are many contradictory things in this text. For example, at the beginning of the criminal case, they raised the request for lack of identity proof, while this is not a crime in France. In another part, it is written that when he entered the police station, his documents were handed over. It is clear that the author of the indictment acted very primitively and weakly. The goal was only to take revenge.

It means they were looking for revenge because we are not even facing a very serious and strong legal text. It is natural that you cannot write well when a crime has not happened and you want to make excuses. Of course, they also brought documents and were summoned to the police department very legally. So, if they had a crime, they would not come. While he has gone there legally. Bezaar went to France three years ago with his wife’s university admission. His wife has a French language education and was accepted for a doctorate there.

The wife of Mr. Be Azar now resides in France, has a residence card. It means that his presence is completely legal. His wife is studying for a doctorate course and also teaches at the university. One child goes to school and the other child goes to kindergarten. During this time, his family has been going there. The family itself has come to Iran and returned several times.

So you believe there is no logical reason to arrest him?

While he was there, he did the same production and production activities. That is, the same kind of work that he was pursuing in Iran. He is a well-known personality in the field of culture and media. He has been working in this field for about 20 years and his education is also related to his work. He has a doctorate in filmmaking. He has never held a government position. It has never produced harsh and extreme content. If they found a content from him that contradicted the laws of a country, they would definitely use it as a basis and file a complaint.

So what do you think they arrested him for?

During the rebellion of women, life, freedom, he made some clarifications through cyber space and this was a blow to them. During the Al-Aqsa storm operation, everyone finally did their part and he was active only on Instagram platform. That is why they arrested him. Arresting and transferring to a prison that is reserved for people who have smuggled into the country is a form of torture against him. There is no document that he has taken any illegal action. He and other friends in France have read the text of the subpoena several times, it is not clear whether it is a subpoena or a notice; The unprofessional text is written and it is clear that they want to threaten and harass him.

His arrest is an action against Iran. Because Bey represents the people of Iran without harm. He is one of the examples of young believers, an effective and active revolutionary in the media field of our country. When they deal with him, it means they want to deal with this look and flow.

So his arrest is completely personal?

It must be personal; It can be assumed that they are worried about modeling this type of media activists in Europe. A model that produces content with a page on a social network and a phone and has streaming as much as its own. My impression is that the French government and the movement that has taken such an action on behalf of the opposition of the Islamic Republic in the legal system of France did not realize or estimate the amount of reaction in cyberspace because of his arrest, because otherwise maybe They treated differently.

Perhaps Bashir Biazar could have been quietly deported. Surely the French government could do the easiest thing legally. The same government that issued a residence card to a foreign citizen can not renew or cancel the residence card. France claims to be a cultural country. I think this case will affect the cultural relations between Iran and France!


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