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Why is Netanyahu afraid of the ceasefire resolution?

The ceasefire in Gaza is an action that can change the current scene of the battlefield. But the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime is more afraid of the legal situation of himself and his family than before.

Mehr News Agency,:%2014%20out%20of%2015%20members%20of%20the%20Security%20Council%20voted%20in%20favor%20of%20the%20draft%20resolution%20proposed%20by%20the%20United%20States%20to%20end%20the%20war%20in%20Gaza.%20In%20this%20way,%20it%20is%20expected%20that%20in%20the%20short%20term,%20everything%20will%20change%20in%20Gaza%20and%20by%20going%20through%20a%20three-stage%20process,%20we%20will%20witness%20the%20end%20of%20the%20widespread%20crimes%20of%20the%20Zionists.%20But%20here%20is%20the%20problem:%20Is%20the%20Zionist%20regime%20willing%20to%20obey%20the%20request%20of%20the%20international%20system%20or%20not?%20Because%20the%20evidence%20shows%20that%20Benjamin%20Netanyahu,%20the%20prime%20minister%20of%20the%20Zionist%20regime,%20made%20the%20biggest%20gamble%20of%20his%20political%20life%20in%20the%20last%208%20months%20and%20after%20the%20turning%20point%20of%20the%20Al-Aqsa%20storm%20operation,%20and%20he%20did%20not%20receive%20any%20results!


So far, Benjamin Netanyahu has not yet made it clear whether he is willing to fully implement the terms of the ceasefire or not. This matter is important in the sense that two members of the war cabinet and one member of the regime’s coalition cabinet recently resigned in protest against the ineffectiveness of Netanyahu’s policies, and the regime is practically faced with a political crisis, and according to Zionist political analysts, now Netanyahu is not only In the battlefield against the Palestinians, but also in other fields, it has faced a multidimensional failure.

What changed for America?

Let’s remember that in the holy month of Ramadan, during the approval of Resolution 2728, the United States abstained, and although 14 votes were in favor, the representative of the United States refused to participate. The Zionist regime wants to accept an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Here’s the question: What has changed in the meantime that the United States takes the initiative to implement a ceasefire? In response, we must consider some important and effective factors that show America’s disappointment with Netanyahu’s promises to win the unequal battle in Gaza. A battle in which the Zionist army bombarded Palestinian cities and homes with the most advanced American weapons and ammunition, hoping to destroy all Hamas members in these attacks. On the other side, there is an oppressed nation that has so far given more than 37,000 martyrs, most of whom are defenseless Palestinian women and children, and the huge amount of violence made even the members of the war cabinet realize the absurdity of Netanyahu’s scenario. At the same time, the protest against the unprecedented violence of the Zionist regime brought out American students and hundreds of thousands of democratic and republican citizens, and Joe Biden’s team, in its political and social evaluations, concluded that the blind and aimless attacks of the soldiers under the command Netanyahu also sinks the ship of the White House.

The review of the events of the past few months and the evaluation of the results of the 8 trips of the American Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken to the region, show the fact that during this time; What has changed is America’s hope for Netanyahu and Joe Biden’s fear of the results of the war, and to put it plainly, the effort to declare a ceasefire is not out of compassion and concern for human rights, but because of defeat on the ground.

The biased tone of the American ambassador

Although the immediate ceasefire plan has been presented by Joe Biden’s team, the words of the American ambassador to the United Nations; It showed that Washington is still worried about the Zionist regime. Linda Thomas Greenfield, the US ambassador to the United Nations, did not hide her biased tone and said: “This resolution is a very clear, strong and unified message to Hamas. They will accept the agreement we put on the table and immediately end this war”.

Greenfield continued: “We tell them to accept the agreement and release the hostages. In this case, more aid will flow to the Palestinians and the ceasefire will continue as long as the negotiations continue.”

What is Netanyahu afraid of?

It is not an exaggeration to say that in the current situation, no leader and politician in the world is under as much pressure as Benjamin Netanyahu and is not as afraid of falling as he is. Netanyahu, who was on the verge of falling even before the Al-Aqsa storm, had faced extensive financial accusations, suspicion of mental illness and contaminating the Zionist security system with financial corruption. But in the last eight months, by committing the most extensive violent crimes against the Palestinians, the bitterness and blackness of a wide and multi-dimensional defeat was conveyed to the Zionists. Therefore, the same military and political officials who resigned and left in the past few days have a high chance of winning in the upcoming elections, and Netanyahu will be left as a failed politician. But this will not mean the beginning of his rest season. Because human rights activists have prepared themselves to widely demand the follow-up of Netanyahu’s trial case, and it is not unlikely that he will even experience standing behind bars.

What are the challenges of the ceasefire?

As ​​mentioned, the Gaza ceasefire plan, which was approved by the decisive vote of 14 members of the United Nations Security Council, is actually a text proposed by Team Joe Biden is compiled and presented. The purpose of this plan is to declare a ceasefire, exchange prisoners and start the process of rebuilding Gaza. But even American analysts admit that Biden’s plan has many flaws, buts, and challenges.

Robert Setloff, executive director of the Washington Institute, wrote about Biden’s plan: “Biden’s three-step proposal is promising but highly controversial. Both the terms of the proposal and the political storm that followed raise many questions. One of the challenges of Biden’s proposal regarding the end of the conflict is that he is not sure about the next steps of Hamas and only hopes that Qatar and Egypt can play an effective role. Regarding Israel, I must say that it is highly dependent on the United States both in terms of receiving arms aid and in terms of diplomatic support, and this in itself is a significant lever to exert America’s opinion on Israel. Biden’s plan has not been able to involve other countries as active actors in this issue and has considered the main role only for America itself”.

Given the previous behavior of Netanyahu and his soldiers in recent months, it seems that it will not be difficult to implement the first phase of the ceasefire plan, which is to help exchange prisoners. But the withdrawal from Gaza and the complete withdrawal of Zionist forces from Gaza; It is an action that Netanyahu is afraid of and he considers such a thing as confirming his big defeat. What America called the permanent end of hostilities, has not yet been repaid by the Zionists, and as a result, nothing can be said about the third phase, the long-term perspective of the multi-year reconstruction plan for Gaza. In any case, in the current situation, stopping Israel’s barbaric attacks is in the interests of the Palestinians, and the withdrawal of the Zionists from Gaza will be a turning point in showing the heavy failures of this regime in recent decades.


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