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Is Erdogan separated from his political partner?

The leader of the Nationalist Movement Party is unhappy with Erdoğan's recent actions regarding the normalization of relations with opposition parties, and with a symbolic move, he showed that he is ready to separate from Erdoğan and his ranks.
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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, these days in the media and Turkey’s political circles, a new news bomb has exploded: differences and splits in the president’s coalition. The same important political coalition that has been created since 2014 by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the leader of the Justice and Development Party, and Dolat Baghçeli, the leader of the Nationalist Movement Party, and has taken power as a single hand.

Now new margins and differences have arisen, and the government of Baghçeli, Erdogan’s old partner, has openly announced that if Erdogan wants to leave the presidential coalition and join other parties, he will not block his way.

Many of the famous Turkish political analysts and columnists, within yesterday and today, dedicated the important topic of their writings to the new political battle that has formed in Ankara and can promise a new political period in the contemporary history of Turkey.

But Erdoğan is very afraid of this fight and conflict, and before traveling to Spain and Italy, in the policy council of his party, he said to his deputies and comrades: “Woman! Don’t do anything to harm the coalition of the president.” Meanwhile, Erdogan sent a message to Dolat Baghceli, the leader of the Nationalist Movement Party, through Hassan Doghan, the head of his office, and said: “From Ask your friends and the media not to start a fight. As soon as I return from Italy, I will meet you and listen to your words and complaints”. Naqsh Angoor

The leader of the National Movement Party, Dolat Bagcheli, is a political figure interested in different symbols. He has used songs, proverbs, wearing special clothes and symbolic actions to answer his opponents at several different political stages.

Erdoğan and Baghçeli’s differences came up, the old leader of the Turkish nationalists, while speaking to his party’s representatives in the parliament, had a ring on his finger with the phrase “Allah Bana Yeter” written on it in the Turkish language of Istanbul. The meaning of this sentence is as follows: “God is sufficient for me”. black”>الَيْسَ الَّهُ بكافٍ عَبْدَهُ).

Baghchili asked his media team to zoom in on his ring during his speech so that this phrase could be seen and its meaning Stand out with Erdogan!

Baghchili says with this verse that he does not need to stay in Erdogan’s coalition and can continue his political activity alone. 

Fahmi Koro, a Turkish analyst, wrote: “Baghçeli is angry with Erdogan and openly opposes his actions.” That ring conveyed Baghcheli’s message. Yes, he does not want to stay with Erdogan. 03/25/1403032514093774730297814.jpg”/>

Erdogan’s political partnership with the Baghçeli government has brought many benefits to the ruling party of Turkey. But at the same time, it is impossible to ignore this fact: Erdogan’s friendship with Baghçeli, despite some party and political advantages, caused the “conservative-democratic” political policy of Erdogan’s party to be abandoned and a new reading of the national chauvinism, warlordism and violence will take its place. 

According to many Turkish political analysts, Erdogan suffered a lot of losses because of his friendship with Baghçeli. In order to gain the support of this nationalist leader, he was forced to engage in more military violence in the face of the Kurds, to speak decisively and violently against the opposition parties from the position of power, to push the bipolarity of the Turkish political society to a direction full of tension. In Syria, Iraq, China and the Caucasus, the Black Sea, the Balkans and Central Asia, spend billions of dollars to support the Turks and practically retreat from the path of democracy and political development.

Baghchili; A godfather and a pro-violence politician

The Baghçeli government is called the godfather and pioneer of all the nationalists of Turkey and the extreme right.

He is an important and reliable student of Alp Arslan Turkesh, a famous Turkish politician and soldier who founded the National Movement Party and trusted Baghçeli so much that he not only led the party, but also the political education of his two sons. He left.

It happened that since 30 years ago, Baghçeli has always been one of Turkey’s important politicians and powerful men. He was a power partner and deputy prime minister in the coalition government of Balent Ejvit and Masoud Yilmaz. But in the next election, he suffered such a heavy defeat that he could not even get 1 seat out of 550 seats in the parliament.

But now that the number of seats in the Turkish parliament has increased from 550 to 600, exactly 50 seats are at the disposal of Baghçeli’s party and since 14 years ago, it has supported Erdogan in the coalition of the president. and as a result, Baghçeli’s companionship has been a very valuable and vital help for Erdogan. And in the situation that Baghçeli did not ask Erdogan for a single ministerial seat and in order to stay by Erdogan’s side and keep his government going, he has set only two conditions: 1. Erdogan should put aside the negotiations with PKK’s satellite institutions. let him fight with all his might against the said terrorist group. 2. In all important political, financial and executive decisions, Erdogan should consult with Baghçeli and get his permission before taking action.

کشور ترکیه , رجب طیب اردوغان ,

Some of the controversial figures of Turkey who are practically They are called professional assassins and dangerous security guards, and they have been in prison for several years on charges of murder and violence. /p>

Many of the nationalist youth of Duatse, who have been involved in various cases, including the assassination of the famous Turkish Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, are under Baghçeli’s protection, and he believes that the purge of the “traitor” “separatist” and “enemy of the country”, is a national duty and these missions should not be left on the ground. 

He is disgusted by Erdogan’s recent actions regarding the normalization of relations with opposition parties, and with a symbolic gesture, he showed that he is ready to separate from Erdogan and his ranks. Just yesterday, they were speaking against Baghcheli and the president’s coalition as enemies.

Erdogan recently welcomed the leader of the People’s Republic Party, Ozgur Özel, to the presidential palace and met with him. This was while the candidates supported by Özel party inflicted a heavy defeat on Erdogan and Baghçeli in the municipal elections. But after only two weeks, after 18 years, Erdoğan agreed to go to the central building of the People’s Republic Party and meet Özel there. accepted to attend. The same female politician who used to be one of Baghçeli’s students, but after splitting from Ustad’s party, she kicked under the table and called Erdogan and Baghçeli enemies of the Turkish people. send his son as Turkish ambassador to one of the European countries. On the other hand, Actionner is also willing to support the project of amending the Turkish constitution. Uploaded/Image/1403/03/25/1403032514101738830297824.jpg”/>
But the third meeting brought Baghcheli’s anger to the highest level. Because he was ready to receive Sinan Atash’s wife and two daughters in the presidential palace. Sinan Atash was a famous nationalist politician and academic who was murdered in a mysterious way, and about his murder, the finger of accusation has been pointed towards Baghcheli. Erdoğan announced: “If you want to form an alliance with other parties, don’t bother us!” RTL”> Mehmet Öjaktan wrote: “Baghçeli is extremely unhappy with the new political environment and Erdogan’s meetings with the leaders of the opposition parties. This is a clear rebellion and for the Justice and Development Party, which has lost a lot of blood, it is no longer beneficial to stay with Baghcheli.” For the first time since 18 years, Erdoğan went to the building of the People’s Republic Party and talked with Özgur Ozel for 90 minutes. This is an internal normalization and Baghcheli cannot bear to see such a scene. Erdoğan’s association with Baghçeli disrupted the entire chemical composition of the Justice and Development Party! This camaraderie caused the ruling party to move away from libertarian thinking.” Does Erdoğan want to put pressure on Baghçeli’s party regarding the Sinan Atash case?”.

In the end, it should be said that the difference between two pragmatic politicians like Erdoğan and Baghçeli is an important issue that can affect political developments in Turkey. Now it remains to be seen if Erdogan intends to maintain the relationship in this way or if he wants to reconsider the partnership with the nationalists.

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© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Tasnim News Agency
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