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Hebrew media: The Israeli army does not have the ability to respond to Hezbollah

A Hebrew-language media outlet, referring to the recent attacks on Israeli army bases in northern occupied Palestine, asked why Israel is not able to respond to Hezbollah's attacks.
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according to the Hebrew group Tasnim News Agency, the Zionist TV Channel 7 announced in a report that the army Israel recently managed to target the Miron air base in Mount Miron, but until now the Israeli army has not reacted to this attack, while in the past it was announced that it was in response to attacks on military bases or attempts to Actions have been taken to carry out these attacks.

Doron Kadosh, military correspondent of this Hebrew media, said in this regard, despite the attack against The Miron air base of surveillance and monitoring and air surveillance belonging to the Israeli Air Force has not seen any increase in operations against Hezbollah in recent days, now the question arises whether the attack on this base has caused Israel’s offensive capability to suffer. ? Has Israel’s reaction power weakened? Anti-armor missiles hit this base and that strategic center, our sensitive and strategic areas and facilities are targeted one after another, and there is no reaction!

Kadosh contacted the spokesman of the Zionist army and reflected his answer as follows: Yesterday’s attack by Hezbollah on the Miron base was actually a response to the assassination of one of Hezbollah’s senior commanders.

However, in response to this explanation, this journalist told the audience of the Hebrew media: It is true that the assassination of the top commander of Hezbollah was something to think about, but after this action Hezbollah inflicted massive blows on us during the holidays, was the assassination of a character worth paying so much for us? He also said: Hezbollah has carried out dozens of actions in recent days as a reaction to that attack, while Israel is still standing in front of it.

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