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Blacker than nightmare; Consequences of war on Syrian industries

A decade ago, Syrian industries provided 90% of the country's domestic needs, but the outbreak of war destroyed most of Syrian industry. Damascus now needs more than 200 billion dollars to rebuild the infrastructure of Syrian industries to return to the conditions of ten years ago.
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According to the Arabic site Tasnim News Agency

During the years of war, Syria lost 60 billion dollars of its industrial infrastructure, which was equivalent to 70% of the country’s industrial capacity. Almost all industrial cities and factories in Syria were destroyed, and more painfully, Syrian industrial machinery was stolen by armed opposition and terrorists and sold to neighboring countries. 


This was while the Syrian industry provided more than 90% of the country’s needs, and in addition, 5 billion in revenue for the government, which was considered the main source of the country’s budget. Until the Syrian crisis, the textile industry of this country had achieved an advanced position in the world and was considered a strong competitor for Turkey, but the black nightmare of the war destroyed all these assets. 

However, Syrian industrialists in the post-war period hope to be able to move the wheels of this country’s industry once again. In this context, the owner of a machinery factory, “Tissir Darkelt”, told the reporter of Tasnim News Agency in Damascus: Syrian industry is like a superhero. I know that during the war, economic sanctions and shortages showed resistance again. Throughout history, the Syrian people have proven that they can overcome all difficulties. If a moment of despair entered our hearts, we would still leave our country. Despite the difficulties we face, we are never disappointed. 
کشور سوریه , جنگ سوریه ,

As a result of the war, Syrian youth lost nearly one million job opportunities due to the destruction of industrial cities such as Sheikh Najjar in Aleppo, Damascus, Homs and Hama. The Syrian government needs to invest 210 billion dollars in this sector in order to return the wheel of industry to the situation it was in 2010. In the first three months of this year, the Syrian government has issued more than 40 decrees and laws related to the field of industry, and the Prime Minister has emphasized in a meeting with parliamentarians that the government is looking for the reconstruction and support of industrial institutions.

“Abd al-Qadir Jokhdar”, the Minister of Industry of Syria, stated in a gathering of journalists: Today, the government supports all economic activities, especially industrial ones, and in meeting the needs of production, energy security and supply of materials Raw supports. The government has taken many decisions in support of national products, the most important of which is banning the import of domestically produced products. 

کشور سوریه , جنگ سوریه ,

“Said Rifai”, another Syrian industrialist, also Tasnim News Agency said: We have many problems, one of them is export and import, and now our exports are more expensive than any country in the world, and in imports, many steps are behind. we have left With all this, there were many steps and challenges that we overcame and were able to take over the management, it took some time, but thank God we were able to develop our business and produce some products.

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