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Hebrew media: The flight of investments from Israel continues

An economic media in the Zionist regime admitted, if we are realistic, we must announce that there will be no investment during the period of instability.
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according to the Hebrew group Tasnim News Agency, a calcalist economic newspaper in an analysis published on its website on Sunday evening published, informed his audience, the unstable economic atmosphere in Israel has made it difficult for real capital to enter private companies, because no one knows or is sure about the future.

In a part of this analysis, it is stated: The events that Israel witnessed caused a drastic decrease in foreign investments in it, and in addition to that, domestic investments in both the institutional and private sectors have also seen a drop. .

In the opinion of the author of this analysis: unlike the years before 2023 when we saw the significant activity of many foreign investors in Israel, today capital Foreign investors are worried about operating in Israel because Israel has become an unstable structure and geopolitical risks have increased its internal risks.

The problem of Israel’s economy today is not only the lack of foreign investments, but in this period we have seen a significant increase in the outflow of Israeli capital to different countries of the world, most of which have been transferred to the real estate sector in different countries, which explains the real investment conditions in Israel. And it makes it difficult to carry out transactions and reduce its volume.

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