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The European Union is concerned about the actions of Yemen’s Ansarullah in the Red Sea

The European Union's foreign policy official once again expressed his concern about the actions of Yemen's Ansarullah movement.

to the report Al Jazeera, led by the United States Since the start of the Gaza war on October 7th, the Zionist regime has completely sided with the killing of Palestinians. The armed and diplomatic support of these countries is considered the main obstacle to stopping the genocide of civilians in Gaza. The European Union plays an active role in diplomatic support for Tel Aviv to achieve its demands.

Accordingly, Joseph Burrell, the European Union foreign policy official, today spoke about the activities of Yemen’s Ansarullah movement in the Red Sea and anti-shipping. The Zionists expressed concern.

Burrell on his personal page on social network X (formerly Twitter) in this Bareh claimed: Yemen’s Ansarullah movement threatens freedom of navigation in the Red Sea. The recent attacks of this group once again showed the seriousness of the issue.

The official of the European Union’s foreign policy emphasized without mentioning the brutality of the Zionist regime against the Palestinians, which was accompanied by the prevention of humanitarian items from entering Gaza: the European military mission in The Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Persian Gulf will continue to secure international waters for all countries.

Yemen’s Ansarullah movement has repeatedly announced that in order to support the Palestinians and stop the genocide in Gaza, it attacks ships that do business with the Zionist regime and has nothing to do with the ships of other countries. However, in order to support the Zionist ships, the United States sends its ships to the region and seeks help from its allies, including the European Union and England.


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