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Israeli expert: Netanyahu will lead us to nothingness

The expert of a radio program in the Zionist regime announced that the prime minister is leading us towards nothingness and collapse.
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according to the Hebrew group Tasnim news, Yanon Magal and Barak Siri, two experts of FM 103 radio In a conversation they had with this media this Saturday morning, they discussed the heavy blow that Israel suffered yesterday in Rafah and the Gaza Strip, which caused the death of 11 Israeli soldiers.

Siri said in this regard: tactical actions have been taken by the Israeli army, but the number of Israeli soldiers who are present in the war is decreasing day by day, while the soldiers who are present in the war for a long time, They are worn out, and this increases the need to force radical Jews into the military!

This is not glory or complaint, he stressed. Rather, it is an explanation of the situation.

Magal, who is a supporter of Netanyahu’s policies, replied: “Dear friend, war is a difficult issue, soldiers were killed in the war.” They will, but what I hear from you and others is that Netanyahu must be overthrown, it is better for all of us to shut up and let him do his job and we win, you say that there is no hope of winning the war, Just let us win in Rafah!

Magal continued angrily, “You are promising us the formation of another October Seven with this behavior.” , means we have to wait for more disasters. You don’t want extreme Jews to be forced to serve in the military, but your goal is to overthrow Netanyahu. It leads to destruction, the army is begging today, it has turned on all the danger lights, but apparently the most important thing for you is to preserve Netanyahu’s government, and this comes before everything else, even the urgent need for troops in the war for you. Preferably, the extreme zionists are all working, why shouldn’t they fight? This leader of yours will lead us to failure and annihilation.

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