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A terrible fire in California and the evacuation of a thousand people

Forest fires in California destroyed more than 1,200 hectares of land.

to the report Mehr News Agency, a large fire in the state California in America forced the evacuation of a thousand citizens.

Accordingly, the fires in the war zones in northwestern Less Angeles forced local authorities to evacuate 1,000 people from high-risk areas. So far, these fires have turned 1,200 hectares of war lands into ashes.

The authorities say that 400 firefighters with heavy equipment such as fire trucks and bulldozers are trying to extinguish the fire, but only 2% of this terrible fire has been contained so far. Is. Now lands 96 kilometers northwest of Los Angeles are burning.

This fire, which started on Saturday, is now moving towards Lake Pyramid is movement The heat of the air, the lack of sufficient moisture, and strong winds are among the reasons for the intensification of fires in California.

Now sprinkler water planes are dumping water on the burning areas. Firefighters try to clear the area around the fire by destroying war zones or burning some other areas with the help of the tools they have. An action that can help contain the fire.


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