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Lapid: Netanyahu should have dissolved the main cabinet

The head of the opposition party of the Israeli regime accused the prime minister of this regime of betraying the military and said that Netanyahu should have dissolved the main cabinet instead of dissolving the war council.
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According to the report of the Tasnim news agency international group, Yair Lapid, the head of the opposition party of the Israeli regime, criticized Netanyahu’s action in dissolving the war emergency cabinet and said that it would have been better to dissolve the main cabinet instead of the war council.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of the Israeli regime, dissolved his extraordinary war cabinet after months, and according to the Zionist media, this cabinet is supposed to be smaller than the previous cabinet, which includes the ministers of war, strategic affairs and the head of the Security Council. It is internal.

In response to the approval of the “martial law” in this regime, the head of the opposition of the Israeli regime said: Netanyahu’s government betrays the army and weakens the country’s security.

He also said: Netanyahu sold our soldiers with his smile on the approval of the said bill that exempts Haredim from service. Lapid said that “the Haredis should not say: we will die, we will not join the army, because those who are killed every day are our children who serve in the army.”

Haredis are Jews The ultra-Orthodox are the fundamentalists of the branch of Orthodox Judaism in the occupied Palestinian territories, and they make up about 10% of the population of the Israeli regime, and based on the military exemption law approved by the Netanyahu government, this group of Zionists are exempt from military service.

Last week, Israel’s Knesset Parliament renewed this law again, in the context of the war in the Gaza Strip and conflicts in northern Palestine, Tel Aviv faced a shortage of forces and called up the army’s reserve forces for the war. . The approval of the extension of this law set off a wave of protest and dissatisfaction among secular Zionists, especially the army forces. If the extension of this law is approved, he will withdraw from the war cabinet, and this is what happened, and he left the cabinet last week after the Knesset agreed; The action that caused Netanyahu to dissolve the war cabinet today.

Netanyahu dissolved the war cabinet Dissolved
Dissolution of Israel’s War Cabinet; Netanyahu’s fragile situation

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