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The blow that the Gaza war inflicted on the Israeli economy

A Hebrew-language media reported a 55% decrease in foreign investments in the first quarter of 2024 in the Zionist regime.
– International News

According to the Hebrew group Tasnim news agency

“Calcalist” newspaper announced in a news published today, Tuesday, that the 55% decrease in foreign investments not only shows concern about the continuation of the war, but also shows that the governing structure of Israel’s administration does not pay attention to the economy. They don’t have.

According to this economic media, based on the statistics published by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics in the first quarter of 2024, the amount of foreign investments in Israel Compared to the previous quarter, it has decreased by 55.8%, while in the last quarter of 2023, this figure was basically a quarter of the usual investment average.

According to Kakalist, foreign investments have played a vital role in Israel’s economic growth, and almost 80% of the investments made in the high-tech sector, which is the driving force of the economy, were foreign.

According to this Hebrew-language economic media, the war has played a significant role in the significant reduction of investments in Israel, and every decision in this regard has its own economic and strategic consequences.

The director of the research department of the Bank of Israel emphasized at a meeting in Calcalist, the decisions that will be made regarding Israel’s military spending for 2025 are not only It affects Israel’s budget, but it can also affect Israel’s economic growth for years to come.

Hebrew media: the flight of investments from Israel continues

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