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Holding a human rights meeting about Afghanistan on the eve of the third Doha

While the Taliban has warned about the change in the agenda and the invitees of the Doha meeting, the United Nations Human Rights Council is reviewing the human rights situation in Afghanistan in a meeting today.
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According to the regional office of Tasnim news agency

, the UN Human Rights Council will examine the human rights situation in Afghanistan today (Tuesday, June 29) in a meeting.

In today’s meeting “Richard Bennett”, the UN special rapporteur on human rights for Afghanistan, is going to present his new report on the human rights situation in Afghanistan.

Bennett Before this, he released his report to the public and in it asked the countries of the world to refrain from normalizing relations with the Taliban and giving it legitimacy.

This meeting is held while the third Doha meeting on Afghanistan is scheduled to be held on June 30 and July 1 (July 10 and 11) in Doha, and it is said that the main focus of it is the normalization of the Taliban’s relations with the world.

It should be said that the Taliban had previously announced that it was aware of the latest details of the Doha meeting’s agenda, and based on that, it had decided to attend the meeting.

Civil society representatives were not invited to the Doha meeting for Afghanistan
Taliban: Doha’s agenda change over the decision We affect
differences in the United Nations; The Doha agenda has not yet been finalized

on the other hand “Farhan Haq” The Deputy Spokesman of the UN Secretary General announced in a press conference that the agenda of the Doha meeting has not yet been finalized and after the finalization of the preliminary arrangements, the participation or non-participation of the Taliban will be clarified. >.

Taliban Foreign Ministry stated in response to these statements: If there is a change in the composition and agenda of the meeting, it will certainly affect our decision-making and then it will be shared with all parties.

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