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The White House: “Biden” gaffes are fake and “deep fake”!

The press secretary of the White House claimed that the videos about the gaffes and mistakes and strange movements of the American president are not real, but fake and "deep fake".

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According to Mehr news agency quoted White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre as saying that the pictures and videos related to the gaffes and strange movements of US President Joe Biden “are not real and are deep fakes.”

The spokesman of the White House has claimed that the 81-year-old president’s frequent and obvious gaffes are fake, as these types of videos and images were published by the country’s official news agencies.

In the latest gaffe by the American president, last Thursday, the Washington Post reported that the images released from the venue of the G7 (G7) summit in southern Italy show that US President Joe Biden was taking pictures of the leaders. He leaves their gathering for no reason and the Italian Prime Minister returns him.

The president of the United States has made many mistakes and verbal gaffes in public speeches before, so that the analysis of the transcripts of the White House shows that his advisers only This year, they had to correct his mistakes at least 148 times!

The analysis and analysis conducted by the conservative news website “Daily Caller” concluded after the evaluation that Biden in 2024 per day , has made a mistake more than once. The analysis includes 118 statements, speeches and press conferences, the transcripts of which were released by the White House and subsequently redacted by the staff of the President’s office.

According to the Daily Caller, these corrections cover a wide range of gaffes, including unintentional mistakes (pronunciation, misinformation, etc.) to adding words and changing the overall meaning of words. includes For example, when he had to say during one of his speeches that “all Americans voted against his bailout”, when he should have said “all Republicans”!

In another example, he said he “must defend against any threat to democracy,” while the corrected wording in the White House transcript read: “must defeated any threat against democracy”. The transcript of only one of Biden’s speeches (last month’s State of the Nation address) had 13 corrections!

Among the unintentional blunders, one can mention the claim “750 million Americans (twice the actual US population) received the Covid-19 vaccine”. He also called elderly people with diabetes “disabled old people”!

81-year-old Biden is currently the oldest president in American history, and if he wins this year’s presidential election, he will be 86 years old at the end of his second term. A New York Times poll last month shows that 72 percent of Americans, including more than half of Democrats, believe that Biden is too old to be president.


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