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Palestinian resistance: Israel seeks to intensify the famine war against Gaza

The Palestinian resistance committees condemned the invaders' attack on the facilities and aid convoys in Rafah and emphasized that these crimes are carried out with the aim of intensifying the famine war against the people of Gaza and with the green light and full support of the United States.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, following the criminal action of the army of the occupying regime in targeting merchants and convoys carrying goods for Gaza in the east of Rafah city, which led to the martyrdom of 11 of them, the Palestinian resistance committees issued a statement and announced: the targeting of relief convoys and carrying goods by the occupying regime in Rafah proves that the occupying regime intentionally The result is the intensification of the famine war against the people of the Gaza Strip, which is carried out with the support of the United States.

The statement of the Palestinian resistance committees states that this war would not have occurred and would not have continued without the support and green light of the United States. Targeting aid convoys and carrying goods by the occupiers is a new war crime that shows the level of brutality of the Zionists. The Palestinian resistance committees emphasized that all the criminal policies of the United States and Israel are aimed at bringing the Palestinian people to their knees. Surrendering them will never come to fruition and will only increase the determination of the Palestinian nation to defeat the invaders.

Before this, the Hamas movement also set fire to the exit building and other facilities inside the Rafah crossing by the occupying regime. caused it to be completely disabled and described this action as a criminal and brutal behavior by the Zionist army. This movement emphasized: This behavior of the Nazis, which is an open war crime, requires widespread international condemnation and It is necessary to take the necessary measures to punish the leaders of the occupying regime. Hamas also held the occupying regime responsible for the consequences of this crime, which caused the disconnection of the people of Gaza with the world, the exclusion of thousands of sick and injured from traveling abroad and preventing the arrival of aid. This movement further emphasized the need for an effective international action to open the land crossings of Gaza, facilitate the travel process for the people of Gaza and the entry of food and other relief aid. /p>

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