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Putin’s intention to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with North Korea

The Russian President approved the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with North Korea, and Pyongyang was also reminded that this country is proud of the joint struggle with Russia to protect independence and international justice.
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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency quoting Novosti news agency, on the eve of his visit to Pyongyang, Russian President Vladimir Putin accepted the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this country to sign a strategic partnership agreement with North Korea.

The relevant order was published today, Tuesday. The document published in this regard on the Russian legal information portal states: “The proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, agreed and coordinated with the interested federal government institutions and organizations to sign a comprehensive strategic partnership agreement between the Russian Federation and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, has been approved. “

Also, in this order, Putin allowed the Russian Foreign Ministry to make changes in the draft of this document during the negotiations related to the signing of this agreement. not to be fundamental.

North Korea’s joint defense with Russia of international justice against the West

At the same time, today in a report in the “Rodong Sinmun” newspaper, which is the organ of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of North Korea, regarding the visit of Vladimir Putin, it is emphasized that this country will fight together with Russia to protect He is proud of independence and international justice. It is stated in this article: Our people are proud that the people of a friendly and reliable country like Russia fight shoulder to shoulder in a common front to defend independence and international justice.

The authors This article added: The victories and achievements of the two countries in line with common goals show that by respecting and continuously strengthening traditional friendly relations and bilateral alliance, any aggressive ambitions and hegemony of Western countries will be suppressed.

According to Rodong Sinmun, the Western countries are currently threatening to start a nuclear war and hegemony in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia in the continuation of their provocative actions in the region. However, if Moscow and Pyongyang to strengthen friendship and unity, any aggression is doomed to failure. Today, Tuesday, he will leave for North Korea for a two-day trip. At the end of Putin’s bilateral and extensive talks with Kim Jong Un, the president of North Korea, various cooperation documents will be signed, and then the leaders of the two countries will answer questions from the mass media.

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