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Hebrew media: The countdown to the election has begun

A Hebrew-language media admitted, the wheel of holding early elections in Israel has been set in motion and all signs indicate that it is certain to happen.
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According to the Hebrew group Tasnim news agency, Maariv newspaper announced in a note in this regard, the wheel Requests for holding early elections have gained more speed, and in the meantime, the differences within the ruling coalition have increased by themselves, from the law on the employment of rabbis to the law requiring Haredim to serve in the military, it has become the center of differences within the coalition, while the opposition currents have also They are strengthening their position against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet.

Ana Prasky, a political affairs analyst of this Hebrew language newspaper, added: When the ruling coalition partners against each other, and when Netanyahu prefers to respond to his coalition partners with video clips, all these dynamic conditions indicate that we are moving towards early elections.

This analyst adds that it is impossible to provide a better interpretation for the conditions in which the cabinet and the ruling coalition live, in the political dictionary certain words are used to replace some sentences. And when we want to say that there is severe chaos, elections should be held, in political language it is said that dynamics are the expression of it. describes it as the condition of a disease that he recently received the results of his tests and the doctor informs him that he is no longer a healthy person, he has a complex disease, it is true that the doctor does not tell him that he has a serious disease, but even great doctors They cannot guarantee that the course of treatment he will undergo will definitely lead to his ultimate recovery.

This analyst admits that we are in We are before the collapse, a stage in which the actors of both spectrums of the coalition and the opposition will smell gunpowder in the air.

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