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Nicaragua’s “warm and sincere congratulations” to the people and system of the Islamic Republic of Iran

In a message to the supreme leader and president-elect of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the government of Nicaragua conveyed its "warm and sincere congratulations" to the "great nation of Iran".

From Prensa Latina news agency, the Nicaraguan government in a message to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and the elected President of our country, Massoud Mezikian, recalled the union between the two countries due to the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the 1979 Nicaraguan Revolution as “twin revolutions”. And he emphasized: We have been and will be together against all the interference and efforts to destroy the paths of justice and the real truths of our people.

This text states that Managua and Tehran are also united with the ideals and values ​​of faith, family, community and the right to work for a world full of peace, respect and unconditional cooperation for the just development of the two nations.

In this document, which was signed by Daniel Ortega, the president of Nicaragua, and Rosario Morio, the vice president of this country, the Sandinista government announced its “firm support” for the “ideals and rights of culture and intelligence of the people of Iran”, whereby “In brotherhood with people and governments who want and deserve a better world, the Iranian nation is progressing on the paths of freedom and sovereignty”.

Following the victory of Masoud Mezikian in the second round of the presidential election that was held last Friday (July 15), the governments of Cuba and Venezuela also emphasized the importance of strengthening relations in the new presidential term by sending congratulatory messages.

In a message, the President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, congratulated the selection of doctors as the ninth Islamic President of Iran and called for the strengthening of ties of friendship and cooperation between Havana and Tehran.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro also announced by publishing a message through his user account on X social network: Count on Venezuela to continue the path of strengthening brotherly relations, friendship and cooperation between our countries.

The government of Caracas also issued a statement yesterday, saying: Venezuela believes that the decision of the Iranian people is for the prosperity of this nation as well as the establishment of this country as an emerging power in the nascent multipolar world due to the prominent role played in the scenario of peace consolidation and Global development plays a role, it will help.

Massoud Medeshian became the elected president of the people by winning the majority of votes in the second stage of the 14th presidential election.

Source: IRNA


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