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Politico: NATO officials are worried about Trump’s return to the White House

Informed officials close to NATO announced that the military alliance prefers that the current US president wins again in the upcoming presidential elections of this country.

According to Mehr’s report, the website “Politico” magazine, citing informed sources close to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), announced that NATO officials are worried that US President Joe Biden will lose in the upcoming US presidential elections and Donald Trump, the former president and the main Republican candidate for the palace. White should be allowed to go, which is against the continuation of the war between Ukraine and NATO.

One ​​of these knowledgeable officials said in an interview with Politico: “We all want Biden to serve another term as president of the United States.” May we not face Trump again, but this is not really guaranteed.

Donald Trump has threatened many times before that if he wins the presidential election, he will probably withdraw from America. withdraw from NATO.

Telegraph newspaper recently wrote in a report that European diplomats in response to the recent statements of former US President Donald Trump about NATO and also his threats during his first term of office In order to withdraw from this military alliance, the NATO member countries have encouraged the preparation for America’s withdrawal from this alliance.

It is said that Trump threatened to withdraw from NATO several times in private circles during his presidency and described the alliance as “obsolete”.

Telegraf, quoting several NATO member European diplomats who did not want to be named, wrote: European countries should brace themselves for this scenario, i.e. the withdrawal of America from NATO under the presidency possible Trump, prepare.

One ​​of these diplomats pointed to Trump’s recent statement that “if any NATO member does not meet their financial obligations, Russia can do whatever it wants.” “Bring it on them,” he emphasized: “No one knows what Trump’s next move will be.”

He also pointed to the increase in the number of countries that have met NATO’s target (expenditure of 2% of GDP in the field of defense), adding: they can Tell Trump that he has achieved what he wanted, but it is still unpredictable.

Another diplomat emphasized: Trump’s statements highlighted the fact that we (NATO members) are too dependent on America. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss how to protect ourselves from the threat of possible US withdrawal. NATO members should take the lead in securing Europe because if America leaves, there will be a big gap. We should start planning now.


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