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NATO’s new plan to continue financial and military support for Ukraine

The Secretary General of NATO announced the agreement of this alliance with a five-point plan to support Ukraine.

NATO Secretary General announced the alliance’s agreement to a five-point plan to support Ukraine, which includes the transfer of international support to a unified command and a commitment to continue military support for Kyiv. .

According to Monday’s “Hill” website report, Jens Stoltenberg told reporters during a roundtable in Washington DC that the coalition is going to create a new command and new financial commitments in order to continue supporting Ukraine.

It will take over command of international support for Ukraine, which is currently managed by a roughly 50-member coalition called the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, Hill added. The base will also oversee training and logistics for military support to Ukraine.

In its new plan, NATO will also make commitments among a 32-member alliance to maintain the current level of support for Ukraine for at least another year.

Stoltenberg believes that these two plans will bring Ukraine closer to NATO membership. Meanwhile, these agreements still ignore Ukraine’s request to include this country in the list of NATO member countries.

Other parts of the agreement, which NATO is expected to agree to at the summit (July 19-21 in Washington, DC), include announcements by the allies about sending more weapons, including advanced systems, and deepening military interoperability, Hill wrote. Ukraine is covered by NATO forces.

By the beginning of this summit, about 20 other countries will sign bilateral security agreements with Ukraine. US President Joe Biden signed an agreement with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky last month, according to which he pledged to support and defend Kyiv in the next 10 years.

The United States and NATO have always emphasized that Ukraine will eventually become a member of the alliance, but have always failed to establish a specific timeline for its inclusion.


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