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Cuba announced the neutralization of a terrorist plot

The Ministry of the Interior of Cuba announced on Sunday night that it neutralized and arrested the mastermind and several other operatives of a terrorist plan that was planned on American soil.

According to AFP, according to the Cuban Ministry of Interior, a Cuban citizen residing in the United States was arrested after illegally entering Havana by sea. This person was arrested in 2014 as An illegal immigrant had gone to America.

The Cuban newspaper Granma wrote that weapons and ammunition were seized from him, which were part of the plan of violent operations in Cuba.

The destruction of this group was carried out based on the information received in December 2023 about the “execution of violent actions in Cuba”. It is not yet clear when this group was destroyed and exactly how many people were arrested.


In December, Cuba released a list of several “terrorist” suspects, many of whom lived abroad, including in the United States. There were people on this list whom Cuba accused of participating in several bombings of hotels in Havana. 1997 and accused former Cuban leader John Fidel Castro of assassination.

In May, Washington removed Cuba from the list of countries that “do not fully cooperate” in the fight against terrorism, but kept the country’s name on the blacklist of sponsors of terrorism. The United States has been under extensive sanctions against Cuba since 1962. is given.


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