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Macron did not accept the resignation of the French Prime Minister

After the French Prime Minister submitted his resignation to Macron this morning, the President of the country did not accept it.

According to what the French Presidential Palace (Elysée) announced, French President Emmanuel Macron received the request for the resignation of Prime Minister Gabriel Atal and asked him to for the stability of France to remain in his position.

According to Al-Nashrah report, after the surprising results of the French parliamentary elections that led to the division of the National Assembly between three blocs, the French political class will start negotiations on Monday to create an unknown majority for the National Assembly and appoint the Prime Minister.

The far-right was expected to win the majority in the second round of the election, but this was prevented after the formation of the Republican Front by the left and the center in the gap between the two election rounds, and the right came in third place.

With no party winning an absolute majority, a fragile left-wing coalition that must withstand the challenge of unity, and a presidential camp that has managed to save face but cannot go it alone, France on Monday He finds himself in an unprecedented space.

Translator: Mina Azimi


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