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Thousands of Samsung workers strike in South Korea

Samsung workers in South Korea went on strike to protest their wage situation.

reportMehr News Agency According to Yonhap, thousands of South Korean labor union members held a demonstration in Hwaseong, the headquarters of Samsung. They participated.

This strike is supposed to last for three days. This strike is a protest against the salary situation of the Samsung company workers.

A Samsung official stated that the company is trying to limit the impact of this strike on the sector. The production is especially the production of chips, whose production is very important.

Soon Woo-mok,” the leader of the Samsung labor union, announced last week that the company’s workers are demanding a payment system. Compensation and leave are more transparent and also require the company to treat the union as an equal company.

According to the media, the aim of this strike is to disrupt production and if the company does not give in to the demands of the union Another strike will probably take place. This is while analysts believe that the strike alone will not have much impact on the company’s chip production because most of Samsung’s chip-making process is automated.


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