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Demonstrations for the release of prisoners in Tel Aviv

News sources reported that a number of Zionists demonstrated in front of the Ministry of War of this regime in Tel Aviv and demanded an agreement with Hamas for the release of prisoners.

From Palestine’s Sama news agency, the Hebrew-language newspaper Haaretz wrote that a number of protesters demonstrated in front of the Ministry of War in Tel Aviv for the release of prisoners.

According to this report, the protesters, who demanded the immediate release of the Zionist prisoners held by Hamas, blocked the street in front of the Ministry of War of the Zionist regime.

Since the beginning of the Zionist regime’s military invasion of Gaza, demonstrations have been held almost every day in occupied Palestine against the Zionist regime’s cabinet and the cessation of hostilities and the exchange of prisoners between this regime and Hamas.

After 9 months of fruitless invasion of the Gaza Strip, the Zionist regime has not achieved anything other than crime, massacre, destruction, war crimes, violation of international laws, bombing of relief organizations and famine in this region.


The Israeli regime has lost this war regardless of any gains in the future, and even after 9 months, it has not been able to make the resistance groups surrender in a small area that has been under siege for years, and the support of the world public opinion for committing obvious crimes. lost in Gaza.

Source: IRNA


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