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Iraqi Prime Minister’s invitation to the President-elect to visit Iraq

The Prime Minister of Iraq made a phone call with the President-elect today (Monday).

reported by Shia Al-Sudani, the Prime Minister of Iraq with Massoud The elected Prime Minister made a phone call and congratulated him on his victory in the 14th presidential election.

The Iraqi Shafaq News website reported on Monday that “Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani” Iraqi Prime Minister, in a phone call with President-elect “Masoud Al-Madijian”, congratulated him on the occasion of his election as the new president and officially invited him to visit Iraq with the aim of consolidating the relations between the two countries.

In this call, bilateral relations were discussed.

Sudani in this call while congratulating the authorities of our country for holding successful presidential elections shortly after the incident. After the crash of the helicopter carrying Ayatollah Raisi, the late president of our country and his accompanying delegation emphasized the continued development of cooperation between the two countries in various fields, including economy and security, with the aim of economic development and prosperity of the two countries.

In this telephone conversation, Al-Sudani from Masoud Al-Madijian to travel to Iraq with the aim of consolidating the relations between the two countries and discussing issues In the interest of Fimabin, he made an official invitation.

On the other hand, in this telephone conversation, the president-elect also thanked the Prime Minister of the Iraqi government for the development of cooperation between the two countries and the memorandum of understanding signed bilaterally in various fields that will strengthen security. It helps bilaterally and regionally, he emphasized.


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