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The conflict between Palestinian fighters and the occupiers in the West Bank

Palestinian resistance forces and young people fought the Zionists' attack on various cities in the West Bank with firearms and homemade bombs on Tuesday morning.

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Palestinian resistance forces with the occupiers who attacked the “Askar Al-Jadid camp in the east of Nablus in the north of the occupied West Bank had brought them, they got involved strongly.

During this conflict, a Palestinian youth was wounded by the occupation forces near Askar camp Al Jadid.

In the Tulkarm camp located in the north of the West Bank, the military occupying the infrastructure of the city and the camp Tulkeram was destroyed.

On the other hand, after the siege of the city and the camp of Tulkarm, the Zionist military imposed a curfew.

Also, during the attack on the city of Tulkarm, the Zionist soldiers killed two journalists who were attacked by the occupiers on the city They were covering Tulkarem, they deliberately interrogated them.


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