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Complete physical and mental preparation for the resistance and hard day of the Zionist army

A senior field analyst said that the recent resistance operations against the Zionist regime's army indicate that these groups are fully prepared to fight the Zionists.

According to Webangah News quoted by Mehr News Agency quoted from Al Jazeera, while the Zionist regime’s army has intensified its barbaric attacks on the neighborhoods of Gaza City in recent days, military and strategic expert Colonel Hatem Karim Al Falahi Al-Jazeera network announced in this context: The Zionist occupying army spent a very difficult day on the first day of its new military operation in large areas in the southwest of Gaza City.

Al Falahi emphasized in his analysis of the military scene in Gaza that according to the statements of the military spokesman of Hamas, “Abu Obeidah”, the resistance groups in the Gaza Strip have rebuilt themselves and are using force to Different regions returned.

Abu Obeidah said in his last words about the current war in Gaza that Qassam, the military wing of Hamas, has rebuilt its 24 battalions in different areas of the Gaza Strip and its defense power as well. has strengthened Also, the resistance forces are in full physical and mental readiness.

Colonel al-Falahi continued his analysis and said: The occupying army described its new operation in Gaza City as exceptional, but contrary to Zionist propaganda, the Qassam battalions were more successful than the occupying forces. and at least 9 direct operations were carried out by the resistance forces in the neighborhood of Tel El-Havi in ​​the southwest of Gaza City.

while the Zionist media reported the occurrence of 4 serious security incidents for the army of this regime in Tel El-Havi neighborhood and announced that the military helicopters of this regime to transfer The wounded have left for Netsarim axis.

According to al-Falahi, the Qassam battalions announced that they detonated an anti-personnel bomb on the path of a six-person group of Zionist forces in Tel El-Havi, which killed and They were injured.

These battalions also reported targeting an infantry force of the Zionist army in the Al-Shalihat area in the west of Tal Al-Havi neighborhood, which resulted in the deaths and injuries of the Zionist soldiers. .

In the same area, the Qassam battalions also targeted a military jeep of the occupying army on Al-Sanaa Street with a Yassin 105 rocket, which led to the destruction of this jeep.

These operations took place after the Zionist soldiers suddenly entered large areas in the southwest of Gaza City at dawn on Monday under the heavy fire of the occupying army and They targeted roads and residential buildings. During these aggressions by the occupying forces, dozens of Palestinian civilians were injured and martyred, and thousands of people were forced to move to the northwest neighborhoods of Gaza City.

This is while the Arab media reported that the barbaric attacks of the Zionist regime against the Gaza Strip continued during the past hours, especially this morning.

Al-Mayadeen network reporter reported that the Zionist regime’s fighters carried out heavy attacks against the areas around the Shafa clinic located in the west of Gaza City.

In addition to the attacks of the Zionist regime’s fighters, the drones of this regime also fired at the residents of the north of the Nusirat camp located in the center of the Gaza Strip. These drone attacks also covered the east of al-Brij camp located in the center of the Gaza Strip.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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