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Biden will have a “big” press conference soon

The spokesperson of the US National Security Council announced that the president of this country will hold a "big" press conference this week.

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according to Mehr News According to Reuters, in the midst of increasing concerns about the physical and mental health of US President Joe Biden, John Kirby, the spokesman and strategic communications coordinator of the National Security Council of this country, announced that Biden will hold a “big” press conference this week with It will have reporters.

After the publication of the New York Times report about US President Joe Biden suffering from Parkinson’s, the White House claimed that this matter is not true. According to the Times, the list of visitors to the White House shows the name of a “specialist” doctor who visited at least eight times from August to March.

After Biden’s disastrous performance in the first election debate with Donald Trump, the former president and current candidate for the 2024 US presidential election, concerns about Biden’s health have increased. Slipping, physical weakness and losing the string of words that happened to Biden from time to time in this debate have caused the concern that maybe the president of the United States is suffering from a spread disease.

However, White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre has claimed about the New York Times report: Has the president been treated for Parkinson’s? No. Is he currently undergoing treatment for Parkinson’s? No, it isn’t. Does he take medication for Parkinson’s? No.

The 81-year-old Biden sees the November 5th election in front of him and feels the sharp blade of criticism from some Democrats under his throat; People who think he lacks the necessary intelligence to represent the role of the Democratic Party against Trump.

After reviewing the list of visitors to the White House, Reuters concluded that a person named Dr. Kevin Cunard, a neurologist and movement disorders specialist from the Military Medical Center ” Walter Reed”, has visited the White House eight times from August to March. Cunard is also one of the authors of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center study on the treatment of Parkinson’s disease after the onset of early symptoms.

A review of the visitor list shows Cunard met with White House physician Kevin O’Connor in mid-January. The New York Post reported Cunard’s visit to the White House for the first time.

A former White House official told Reuters that in 2016, to treat migraines, during Biden’s tenure as Vice President of the United States, Barack Obama. He was treated by the same doctor. According to him, this doctor visited the White House once a month.


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