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Netanyahu secretly introduced his internal security minister to the war council

After the internal security minister of the Zionist regime threatened to leave the cabinet, Netanyahu secretly agreed to have him join the war council.

Zionist media said on Tuesday that the war council sometimes meets informally.

According to the report of Sputnik, the regime’s radio and television company reported that Netanyahu secretly agreed to the presence of the regime’s internal security minister, Itmar Ben-Guir, in the war council to manage the war, but asked for something about Ben-Guir’s inclusion in the war council. Do not publish.

In this regard, the Zionist Army Radio quoted Ben Goyer as saying that he wants to make changes in the War Council and threatened to disrupt and confuse everything if he does not join it. Ben Guerre confirmed that Netanyahu had promised him to create a limited security council with his presence among its members.  

On the other hand, Netanyahu announced that after the departure of Benny Gantz from the current war council, a new council will not be formed. He further added that this council was part of the coalition agreement with Gantz at his request and after his departure, there is no need to form a new council.

It is worth mentioning that Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot, two former members of the Zionist regime’s war cabinet, accused Netanyahu of obstructing the way of making strategic decisions due to political issues, and resigned from this cabinet and demanded early elections and An internal fact-finding committee was formed. 

Translator: Mina Azimi


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